Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Public vs. Private

I've always felt conflicted about the location of the border between the personal and public in my life. We’re all guilty of trying to control how the world perceives us, to some extent, and I'm no exception. The parts of us that we keep best concealed contain what we believe to be the truth of ourselves. Ironically, the parts we choose to expose publicly speak volumes about what we're trying to conceal.

The whole concept of personal blogging makes me very uncomfortable. With my work, I get to display the finished result of my efforts after I 've had time to scrutinize it for imperfections and buff it to a shine. I don’t want anyone to know that I struggle, even though I do struggle. A LOT. It is constant. Part of it comes from a refusal to compromise, and part of it is just the result of being alive. We all struggle. It’s the one thing we have in common.

I'm also uncomfortable with what seems to be the growing tendency to publicly indulge in an inflated sense of self-importance. The only thing that redeems the endless self discussion inherent in a personal blog is the act of being honest, and it redeems it exquisitely if done with courage and humility.

The line of clothing, Birds of North America, is the vortex of my life. I love, I hurt, I worship, I rage, I forgive, all through my work. Good creative work requires, above all, relentless self analysis and honesty. I invite you into my experience, not as a fashion designer, but as a woman who is trying to find meaning and sense in an existence where it is often elusive.

We all have to face the beautiful and horrific stuff that comprises this life and each of us has to make our own sense of it. I am extremely grateful for all the people who love and support Birds of North America and who are moved enough to wear our clothes on their bodies and to confront this crazy world in them.


Pour mes chères lecteurs francophones: Comme vous saviez, ou peut-être pas, l‘anglais est la langue dans lequel je peux mieux m’exprimer. C’est très important pour moi de pouvoir communiquer mes idées d’une facon claire et je sais que je vais mieux réussir en anglais. J’espère que vous considériez quand même me suivre si ca vous intéresse.

J’accueillerais toujours des commentaires en francais avec plaisir!

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  1. Glad you chose to share your thoughts with us Hailey, for you are impeccably eloquent, sensitive and honest. I, for one, will be following. xo Danina